Dancing violets

In the summer of 2002, I did a few songs for an exhibition of a very fine Hungarian painter Mária Jeremiás, in a beautiful church in Budapest. (How wonderful is that: to have beautiful paintings and songs in a sacred place?) These words came into my mind in the early spring next year, on my way back to Budapest from Vienna, while I was looking at the still snowy scene from a bus. 

Unfortunately, I lost contact with the lady and can't find her, so I can't show you her delicate painting...   

(for a painting of Mária Jeremiás)   

Have you ever seen violets when they dance?   

As I look out of my window,   
Trees are heavy from silver snow,   
The horizon is a big white pillow.   
But spring is coming soon, a new chance,   
And they will dance, the violets.   

They turn, jump, wave, bend,   
Spread happiness in the forest,   
With green, fragile, light legs,   
Brighten up the darkest night   
When they dance, the violets.   

They invite the sun shining, rainbow smiling,   
Little girls singing, little boys laughing,   
And all the world playing.   
With their velvet blossom heads,   
When they dance, the violets. 

-- Vienna, March 2002 

Andrea Gerák

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  • Robert
    Robert usa
    Beautiful as the violets themselves!

    Beautiful as the violets themselves!

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